Lighting mods seem to be the “in” thing

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      …so I’ve just spent the last four frustratinghours putting togethermy first attempt at anLED wiring harness for the Char-G.

      THE BAD NEWS – Yesterday I sold my faithful Nikon 775 digicam (that produced many of the KILLER macros you can see on this site) and my new camera will not be in my hands until Thursday next week. So – you’ll just have to wait for some photos and a quick movie. :smiley6:

      My idea was this – a CR2025-powered lighting system that could be attached to the chassis (NOT the body) without any glues or resins and still leave motor/gears readily accessible.

      The end result was an “undercover” police car with working tail-lights and front fog lights, and a flashing ‘strobe’ on the front windscreen (as would be slapped on by a cop during a car chase…hehehe). All primary objectives met.

      Required materials:

      2 x 3mmround LEDs Yellow
      2 x 2mm dot indicator LEDs Red
      1 x 3mm round flashing LED Red
      1 x CR2025 lithium battery
      Some 0.12mm hook-up wire
      Some 1.5mm heatshrink tubing
      Soldering iron, solder, hobby knife, beer etc etc
      HEAPS of patience.

      Once my camera arrives I’ll take some photos and write up a how-to in case any of you guys feel like having a go. For the Aussies reading this, all LEDs for this project were obtained from Dick Smith Electronics

      Sorry if this is just a painful teaser, gentlemen :smiley2:



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      YOU TEASE! How dare you! :smiley2:

      This sounds so frigging cool man. I can’t wait to see the movie.


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      Yea i found that are getting a lot of visits for their tips and tricks section of just putting two LEDS where the headlights are then just hooking them up to a small battery, the simplest plainest thing ive ever seen. But this tops the light catagory off, can’t wait to see it. Dave

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