Looking for bulk OEM coils … mfrs?

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      As I approach completed prototype stage for my 1/64 scale chassis kits, I’m realizing I’m in dire need of some way to either reliably instruct those who recieve the kits to remove their coils and remount them in the new chassis, or better yet, find a supplier for these steering coils in bulk or a suitable replacement. In the TOMY bits I have disassembled, the coils remove pretty easily, but in the OEM, the coils seem to be glued in much more solidly, and without a good way to remove them or a source for ones to supply with the kits, the product won’t be too reasonable for most interested parties.

      If anyone has any leads, PLEASE let me know. (defor@eastrain.com)

      By the end of the week, I should have pics of the first prototyped 1/64 chassis availiable if anyone was wondering what the status of this project was.


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