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      Hi y’all. Has anyone else out there using LXX cars run intothese problems?: I have 2 LXX Bit Ghar-g’s. One car is on the 01 frequency the other is on the 04 frequency, however the 04 controller will control the 01 car at short distance (up to 1 meter)and interfers with the 01 car when used too closely to the 01 controller (also up to 1 meter). Also (and this is a strange one) both cars ‘go dead’ from time to time and I have to giggle the antenna to get them moving again, this occurs wether using one car or both. Here is the strange part, I took a motor out of a Leyu Bullet car (because its actually faster than the 3.0 motor supplied with the LXX) andtransplanted it in one of the LXX cars and the problem was gone. Swapped motors back, and sure enough the problem reoccured. Any ideas why this might be?

      As a side note to anyoneconsidering getting an LXX, the cars themselves seem to be as good a quality as the Tomy Cars, but from my own experience and from what I’ve read here, its the controllers that seem to be of sub standard quality.

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