Mine is Dead too

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      Mine is brand new with a 200 mah Ni-mH battery in it and all of a sudden it just dont work someone tell me somethin.

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      Ohh No!!

      not another 🙁

      well we will need more info, but for starters

      check you put your new battery in the correct way.

      you have brand new batteries on your transmitter.

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      i think we need some pictures, also are u sure you put the batteries in the tramsmitter straight when you put them in??? because that could be it toooooo. But if the batteries are straight and everything and its brand new and you didnt mess with it then tomys got some explaining to do for all the defects…

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      shibby07, if the car didn’t work straight out of the package, then (if you can) return it for a new one.

      If you swapped the bat yourself, Nihm’s usually come in 2 sizes 1/3 and 1/4 AAA’s the 1/4’s sometimes fit loose and you have to play with the connection or add metal (like a small washer) to make them fit. It also depends on what car we are talking about, bit or non-bit?

      The list goes on and on, more details pls:)

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