My version of the 2.4v mod.

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      Well, after only one day of owning my first Bit Char-G, i decided it was time to mod it. I wanted more speed, but bigger motors aren’t exactly easy to come by in England. So, with the help of my mate who bought his Bit at the same time as me, we set off in search if bigger batteries. A trip to Maplins yielded a couple of 3.6v 80mah NiMh batteries comprised of 3 button cells soldered together and shrink wrapped (order code BN22Y). Here’s what we did with them…

      Firstly, we removed the shell and pulled out the old battery,and snipped out the little support that held it in place. The new batteries were just too big to fit straight in, so we decided to chop one of the button cells off and have smaller 2.4v batteries instead. After a lot of struggling we found the only way that the battery would fit AND allow the shell to be re-fitted was to mount the battery vertically instead of sideways (I.E. positive terminal at the top and negative terminal at the bottom). We soldered a wire onto each terminal and covered the whole battery in insulating tape so nothing could touch it. Next, we soldered the battery wires to the control board where the original red and black wires connected. With the battery in place, we had to flip the control board upside down and rotate it through 90 degrees so that the wiring connections faced towards the front of the car and the white pot sticks up in the air. By triming a little of the rear window out, we were able to poke the pot out of there and get the shell back on. We used a couple of spots oh hot melt glue to secure the aerial cable in place, and also tinted the windows to hide the now messy interiors.

      Here’s links to some pics to give you a better idea. The quality isn’t great, but you can see what you need to…

      As you can see, the pot sticks out a little, but it’s not as ‘in your face’ as having an entire other battery there, or another battery on a wheelie bar. Speed is vastly improved, although i’m still running a 1.0 motor and orange gearing. The car is fast enough to flip over if you build up a bit of speed and turn sharply. We tried adding a couple of small lead weights to the bottom of my mate’s car to bring the center of gravity down a bit more, but the jury’s still out on whether it’s any better or not. Running time seems about the same as with the original battery, although the controller can’t charge the new batteries, even with the charging port wired direct to the controller’s batteries. I’m using a DC adaptor to charge the cars at the minute, but i’m going to try and get the controller charging the cars again (may require an extra AA battery in the controller, i’ll keep you posted). I’ll try and get a video of them in action sometime too…

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      I`ve got this mod done on mine too. Exactly the same as chewy`s.

      Running the car with a 2.2 motor – fun.

      Running the car with a 3.0 motor – insane!

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