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      Hi Everyone,
      Just to let you know I’ve added a couple of extra Features to the Forum software.

      Quick Smilies You can now insert “Smilies” with a single mouse click when entering messages and replies. It shoudl let us all add some colour to our messages! 😀

      Post Notify The other change is the ability to notify another user of your post or reply. This can be done as e-mail or PM, or both. You cannot send to multiple members this way but obviously if you’re reviving an old thread or posting an open question to one member this is a great feature.

      Features Coming Soon:
      Lost Password Simply enter a username, your registered e-mail address and ‘voila’ you will get your password in the mail.
      Instant e-Mail This will link into the PM system to allow you to send an e-mail to other members via the PM system. Your e-mail address will be kept private. This function will only work for members above a certain level of Rep points to reduce abuse.

      There’s no exact time-frame for the new features – they have to be written so it could take some time!

      Site Owner Guy.

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