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      The Mini-T has gone ?Pro.? The new addition to the Mini-T gang has the same basic chassis, and every moving part rides on ball bearings. Suspension duties are handled by hard anodized oil-filled shock absorbers, and steering and camber links are precision machined from titanium. The Mini-T Pro?s drivetrain has a high output ?Speed? motor, a race inspired slipper with one-piece hard anodized aluminum gear shaft, and Team Losi has topped it off with a clear Lexan gear cover. It features an adjustable ball differential, MIP CVD driveshafts, Step-Pin rear tires, and a swoopy new body. Preassembled, the Mini-T Pro is ready for you to paint and install the radio gear of your choice.

      This kinda pisses me off, why the heck don t they make it in kit form???????

      Factories do a crap job of building cars….

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      why the heck don’t they make it in kit form

      b’cos then they’ll have to spend $$ to draw up a proper manual, and printing costs! 👿

      All you get now is a blow-up schematic.
      (that’s really all you’d need, I guess)

      I think the PRO is good timing. Mini-T is out a year already, and it would be nice to buy a hopped up one for same price as the RTR (I’m hoping).

      Have been checking out a Mini-T last 72 hrs, thoughts:-

      -build quality isn’t bad, no factory faults found. Paint job is quite neat – and its real paint too, not printed.

      -molding of plastic is looking a bit rough, the molds must be wearing out.

      -the ballcups especially are crap. :angry: Titanium shafts will be wasted

      -stock car already supposedly has BBs in the tranny, only needs 8x 840s for the wheels

      Current Mini-T ended up on my workbench as the radio/RX+ESC is pretty crap – Glitching and very poor range. Spent all day today resoldering everything just in case it was a dryjoint… and found a broken SMT resistor (a beige block?).

      Don’t make much difference between open circuit or shorted at that SMT component’s track.

      Steering servo is non-standard stuff, the FETs to drive the servo are on the RX+ESC board. So when you chuck the RX+ESC, you need to buy a proper servo too.

      Damned cute though.:blush:

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      that sm component you mentioned sounds like a capacitor. the resistors generally are black with a white number on them:8ball:

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      Wills, with this baby it’s a roller, so it’s install your own gear…..and a better motor.

      whats wrong with the ballcups??

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      Kinda hard to tell the amount of room in there, does anyone know if 1:10th gear fits nicely?

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      a 1/10 ESC and reciever yes, but you need a mini servo…

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      dont worry about the molding…just tipical losi

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