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      I was just checking a link for someone and found these on ToyEast…ODM cars!

      Here’s what they say about them (poor english and all):
      – Same ODM Factory Product
      – Not Fake but Licensed China Inland Sell Product with PATENT!!
      – Unique Design Included Cyber Look
      – LED Light Up when Running, see pics
      – 2.2 Motor, Recharge-Battery, Tire, Remote…All included
      – Six Ways, 45 secs Charge Up run 2 mins
      – Control Have Flashing Light Plus Engine Revving Sound when Controlling
      – Upgradable with Bit Char-G Parts
      – Original English Menu Comes with

      Cost: $15

      I’m thinking that these are our “Microsizers” and whatever they will be called in the UK. Ugly remote though…looks like the z-car remote (which had a correspondingly ugly car). But it does have a hard, folding antenna!

      EDIT: Just been looking at the pictures…The motor/gearing looks the same (but they use a white pinion to confuse us more). There is only one LED on top of the car (strange place for it). So, it is not headlights, but could probably be easily modified for headlights.

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      Oooooooooooooooooh!!!!! Well-spotted once again, ylexot!

      Will order a few on Monday and report on what they’re like. The price is certainly entertaining!

      Thanks again

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