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      You asked for it – and you got it! After a number of posts (on here and the M3 board) about how the steering mechanism in a Bit Char-G works and potential problems/fixes, we decided to push forward the scheduled photo session of front end disassembly and the steering mechanism.

      Ladies(?) and Gents – here is a direct link to the photos that I’ve just uploaded. Yes – eventually these will become part of a detailed technical article – but for now you’ll just have to browse them in conjuction with the following brief notes:

      Warning : DO NOT attempt this operation unless you have either:

      • VERY steady hands, a #0 Philips screwdriver, and a sharp eye to avoid damage
      • [/list]


      • A qood quality soldering iron to repair any damage
      • [/list]


      • Spare cash lying around to buy a new car!
      • [/list]

        Not trying to scare anyone offasthis *IS* a simple procedure. You just need to be patient and careful if you want toget through it with your car functioning at the end 😉

        Pic# Description
        1 Remove the main body of your car
        2-4 Slide off the clear receiver cover
        5-6 BE CAREFUL. Some of these wires are simply single
        copper stands. They are VERY easy to break!
        7-8 Locate and remove the front end locking screw
        9-10The wheel assemblies will fall out
        11 Here we can see the magnetic steering assembly in
        the nude
        12-13The red coils are essentially tiny electro-magnets
        that attract/repel the centre assembly to make the
        wheels turn in and out. Clever, huh?
        14-17This is the bit that physically turns your wheels.
        NOTE: If the steeringtrimming switch on the bottom
        of the car no longer appears to work, you’ve
        probably managed to dislodge the shiny element from
        its holder. A tiny dab of PVA glue will fix that
        once and for all!
        18-24 Just play the tape backwards and your car is in one
        piece again.

        Have fun, kids 🙂

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