Newbies, u need help ?

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      well if u are a newbie I recommended a mod for u, the incredible micro_amps mosfet mod. It could easily beat my fridens’s 3.5 motor when I use the 2.6 motor with the mosfet mod. So newbies go for it but don’t forget that u must try to handle it first when I use it, it out of control but I’ll train everyday and try to push it to the limit. I’m not forcing but I’m just giving suggestion :smiley2:

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      I would not say the mosfet mod is just for newbies, infact I would say its for the more experianced driver 🙂

      But yea forsure everyone will have a mosfet car soon enough 🙂

      Hey supra Boy you think your car is fast now go toss in some teal gears from teh tomy set and a 4.2 perfection motor(pro for 2 speeds, king for single)

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      For those of you who are interested, I still have some pre-modded single and 2 speed sets for sale, check my website (below).

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