NEWS! DigiProp IR bit cars coming!

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      Maybe you?ve heard about these, but I found out about them at a toyfair recently here in Sweden. The Swedish importer will have them in June, and so will I :p.

      The cars are made by Smartland, but different from those they have today is that these new ones are IR controlled and also have digi-prop speed!!!

      I tested one of them at the toyfair and man, I was amazed.
      At first I thought, “Oh no, not the Smartland clone”, but then the representing person told about the digiprop speed and got me hooked.
      I was afraid that they would be like Nikko?s i-Racer with 2 motors, but they are just like our precious bits more or less.

      The digiprop steering makes the car EXTREMELY nice to handle around tight corners, so if you pop a 3.8 motor into the car you could really race anywhere! From tight corners to speedtracks, from REALLY slow speed to dragrace.

      The motor connection is soldered with 2 wires (just like the Hummer), but I guess that?s a minor prob for you tech-heads out there :smiley2:.

      Here?s a close up at the controller:

      The cars will come in 4 different IR-freq?s.

      Whenever I get more info, or one of them into my hands, I?ll be posting more info & pics.


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      sounds pretty good.

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      thats awesome, i like the rims

      you are currently at:

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      put me down for a couple there trackmaster :smiley2:

      they are sweet as!

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      hmmm i wish tomy made propo cars that were SCALE!! I am tiring of these goofy squashed up things.

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      I?ll keep you posted :smiley2:


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