no need for an antenna with this mod

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      Probably the best mod EVER, its a new cct board that lets you run your digiq remote on the bit charG with an added flasher cct for putting indicators etc on it also has other bits all for $19.95.


      This is a DIY product for people like to upgrade their BitChar-G (BCG in short) mini car to be Digi-Q’s infrared R/C Digi-PROPO controllable. Because the infrared receive module is used, the original BCG RF antenna is gone, and you will enjoy much more flexible speed control by Digi-Q’s infrared R/C.
      It is simply be done by replacing the original PCB inside the BCG body by our BCQ-100 upgrade board.BCQ_Zexel_back.jpg
      Since, this is a DIY product, so you must know what you are doing and have the soldering skill to replace the PCB by yourself.

      BCQ_PCB_top.jpgThe picture shows the BCQ-100 (right) and original BCG board (left). In the top side, BCQ-100 has two 0603 sized resistor soldering pads for ID configuration. Base on the Digi-Q mini car, we can have ID1~ID4 setups. When these two resistor pads are open, it stands for ID1. You can figure out the other setups ( open/short) in the picture easily.

      BCQ_PCB_bottom.jpgIn the bottom side, we have 6 connection pads which is the same as original BCG board, V+, F, B, L, R, G. There is another connection pad named Flash, it is for 0.6 sec period LED flash light control. If you want to add Left/Right turn flash light, this is it.


      • Make your BCG’s RF antenna disappear, it looks more comfortable.
      • Flexible speed control, means more detail remote control operation can be done.
      • With gun type Digi-PROPO, it feels good on hand.
      • The ID=1,2,3,4 can be fixed by yourself.
      • Because PWM speed control was used in BCQ-100 board, it conserves power. If you charge the BCG’s NiCd battery up to its full capacity, it can be operated about 7-8 mins.
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        Enjoy and tell me if you will be buying it coz I dont have a digiQ yet but are they worth getting.

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      hey i tried it before and it is cool. my only gripe it that it has a slight lag in response, so you would be letting off the gas before the turn, but the car would still be accelerating slightly into the turn. other than that, harry has a very good product. it is a takara digi-q problem, and not his fault. if there was no lag, i would back it 120%. peace b

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