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      I am thinking about getting this gas buggy and I was wondering about your thoughts on it. So please help. Thanks!:shock::angry::dead::8ball::p

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      I think Ofna is one of those that get called different names depending on where you are. Down here its either HoBao or Eureka or one of those.

      They’re a relatively newcomer to the scene but there’s not much to separate the 1/8 buggies these days. The general design is pretty well-established so any one just looks like a clone of another… mainly of Kyosho. :blush:

      Quality of parts & manual, and quality of aftersales service & parts backup at your Local Hobby Store are worth assessing to differentiate between the brands.

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      I have an older HODR which is virtually identical to the OFNA Ultra (worlds Ultra etc)4WD Off Road Buggy with a Force 3.5cc motor.

      There was never any problem getting parts for it when I was in W.A., and any that I have needed since moving to the Eastern side of the country, the contacts I had in W.A have sent over to me no problems.

      Mine has been extreemly reliable, tough as nails, and HEAPS of fun.

      Common (not tha they have been common at all really) breakages have included:

      Front Bumper, X 3
      Rear wing, x 2
      Lost a wheel nut (knew I should have tightened it)x 1
      Brake disks worn out, x 2
      One wheel bearing failed (after about 2 years hard use)x 1
      Snapped a shaft in one of the front shockies due to a HUGE (6-7ft high) jump into a bank with a stick jammed between the shock tower and the shock. X 1

      That is it.

      Highly reccommended from me.

      And a good friend here bought one (Ultra Worlds) after seeing mine and has had no problems either.

      Apart from running over the thing with a 1:1 car, I can’t imagine many genuine crashes that would break one of these cars. They are over engineered and made of tuff materials.

      Go for it!!!:D

      8ch Ess Vee
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      2 x Nano Racer Clones
      Micro Super Charger, Black WRX 27mHz

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      Yeah lol!

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      Thanks. I hope to buy it soon.

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