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      > I’ve posted this question several times around the forum but no one
      > seems to have a suggestion that can help. I have 4 char-gs (45mhz
      > WRX, 35mhz Celica, 25mhz Skyline , and a 57 mhz S2000. I have
      > them all running 1.0 motor w/ stock suspension/tires. They all work fine
      > except the 57mhz. The range on the 57mhz is less than 3 ft most of the
      > time, and I get constant studdering which makes it impossible to race. I
      > thought it may have been a defect since I opened up the controller and
      > found no compacitor, so I sent the car back to the store I purchased it from
      > and they sent me a replacement. I tried the new car and still the same
      > problems. Do you have any suggestions, or is 57mhz just a really bad freq
      > for this char-g’s.?

      > Any suggestions you can provide will be greatly appreciated.

      Hi Gene

      You’re not having much luck, are you?! :smiley6:(understatement ) Of all the range/reliability issues that I’ve read (here and elsewhere), the 57MHz cars seem to feature most prominantly.Simplistically, there is no reason for it – the cars/controllers are it’s a relatively ‘clean’ band in terms of domestic RF interference and, other than the TX/RX crystals, they are no different from alll of the other cars internally.

      But here’s my single ‘design fault’theory. The antenna for the 57MHz cars is simply too short. There is no single “correct” length for all Bit Char-G car frequencies, however, all frequencies get the same length of copper at the factory. This weekend I’m going to install a much longer antenna with a view to possibly capturing more of each signal wavelength.

      Will report back once I’ve had a go….



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