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      Hi, greetings from Italy !!

      I’m building my first Bit Char’s track and I’m wondering how do you race.

      With 4 or more people and without lap counter/timer “non friendly” racing can be a nightmare !
      I was thinking to use a slot lap counter with separate lane in the main straight but it is not a pratical solution.
      Another simple solution can be Race director counting manually laps with the race restricted to 4 car in a single heat.
      Can you help me ?
      Share your wisdom !! :smiley2:

      So long,

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      Efarel, G’day from a half Italian in Australia.

      You could have a non racer watching and counting laps, or marking them off on a sheet. I have seen people whi will use a 4 light beams, and flags at different heights on each cars arial. This can be a problem if the arials become bent during driving, like going under a bridge.

      The above is acheived by having flags at different heights, and one light beam and sensor per car (to suit each flag height). As the car drives past the finish line, it breaks the beam of light, the sensor picks detects this, and a lap is counted. To count the laps you would need a computer attached to the sensors.

      As breaking the light beam to count laps is commonly used in larger scale remote control racing, and slot car racing, there is software available on the web for free that will do the counting. Do a few searches, especially on slot car sites, and you’ll find something that could be alterred to suit Bit Char-Gs or MiniZs.


      DaveF! 👿
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