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      I am making tracks. The tracks are 37″x25″. They fold up for easy transportation and storage. The seams in the track are almost invisible and do not affect the car. They work great with the 1.0 motors. The racing surface gives you great traction and the rails keep your car on the track.

      E-mail islandcaddy@yahoo.com for information or a sample of the racing surface.

      See pictures of the tracks here: http://www.microrccars.com/showroom/race_tracks/

      2 of these tracks are on e-bay until 7/15 and 7/16

      Item # 1748435332 and Item # 1748723962

      Other things i am thinking about making, let me know what you think

      Larger race track that fold up

      Race track kits: Racing surface and rails for you to mount to your own board.

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