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      Got a chance to swap out some motors from my “Motor Garage” into my MS Pro, here are the results:

      MS 1.0:
      Wouldn’t run in non-boosted mode. Barely crawled in boosted mode. Totally useless in the Pro.

      MS 1.6:
      Barely moved in non-boosted mode. Simply crawled in boosted mode. Totally useless in the Pro

      MS 2.2:
      I tried the Standard MS 2.2 and it was a dog! Crawled in non-boosted mode, not much better boosted. The 2.2 that came with the Pro is remarkable compared to the standard one. It ran as good as a KIT 2.2. Good torque and accelleration in non-boosted mode, great in boosted mode. This is an excellent track motor.

      MS 2.6:
      I was very dissappointed with this motor but not surprised seeing the way the standard MS 2.2 ran. This one was not much better. The Pro 2.2 ran so much better. than this one.

      Lxx 3.0:
      Wouldn’t fit in motor bay.

      MS 3.0:
      This motor ran very well. Slightly quicker that the Pro 2.2 in both modes. I would’ve expected better from a 3.0.

      Extreme Motor 3.2:
      This motor surprised me, it wouldn’t move in non-boosted mode and crawled with a push in boosted mode. Repeated checks & tries yielded the same results. I was not satisfied with that so I tried another EM3.2 from my garage. This time I got a “very” good response! In non-boosted mode this motor was quick though torque wasn’t bad, it could’ve been better. In boosted mode, this motor was excellent! EM motor #1 is bad (hear that Todd, I’ll be intouch). Too much for a tight track but great for a wide, open track.

      Extreme Motor 3.5:
      Everything I said about EM motor #2 plus! Nuff said

      Perfection 3.8:
      All the hype about this motor is TRUE! I have one in my Bit 350Z & Lxx Mazda boosters and they are just a fantastic motor period! Fast & Torquey

      There are a lot of US part houses now offering the Perfection 3.8.

      I also tried all the forementioned motors and a Standard MS and got better than the same boosted results with the exception of the MS 3.0, it ran much better, more like a 3.0 should run.

      I guess I’ll find that out when my Perfection 2.2 & 3.0’s come in this week. I’ll conduct the same test and post a report.


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