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      Hi ya all!

      Just wantedto inform all you interested that I?m in the middle of completing a little review, covering TOMY?s original Char-G?s, 4 different OEM?s and NIKKO?s I-Racer. I will post the review on Monday.
      These are the cars I?ve used:

      TOMY: Toyota Celica silver 27MHz
      OEM TT TREE (HONG): Toyta Celica Safety 45MHz (it says 27MHz on the box!)
      OEM BULLET ST: Peugeot 206 white 27MHz
      OEM LIGHT-UP: Peugeot 205? silver 40MHz (the description at Toyeast is Celica!)
      OEM TREASURE: Mitsubihi Lancer red 57MHz
      NIKKO I-RACER: Subaru Impreza

      I hope this will be of some interest and useful for some of you, it certainly has for me (since I?ve started imported & selling these wonderful gadgets here in Sweden).

      Just wanted you to know, I?ll get back for an editMonday :smiley2:

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      sounds good look forward to hearing your results

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      For all you interested, here?s my little review of a little test covering TOMY?s original Char-G?s, 4 different OEM?s and NIKKO?s I-Racer. I drove the cars in a straight line, 1.95 metres long to find out the differences in speed. Here are the results:

      TOMY: Toyota Celica silver 27 MHz

      By far the best car in this “test”. The handling is superb, this car does exactly what I tell it to do. The included 1.0 motor is useless for racing (unless you have a track on your desk) & will be replaced A.S.A.P. The only backside of the car is the range. This car begins to stutter at approx. 5 ft, and that makes it impossible to use it at my track, “Hill Raceway”. How come its?this bad? Motor: Blue 1.0

      Speedstrip: 3.46 sec

      OEM TT TREE (HONG): Toyta Celica Safety 45MHz (it says 27 MHz on the box!)

      This car looks like a TOMY original at first, the box is 95% the same as the the original. What is different is the missing TOMY logo, one added TT logo and the fact that the car is striped with logos. On the box it says 27 MHz, but the car actually is a 45 MHz (please TT, if you?re going to copy, at least provide the correct info!) The car is impossible to drive in a straight line, while tested at the speedstrip i finally made it crash into the lap counter for the clock to stop! (if the car would have been able to drive in a straight line the time would have been under 3 sec.) Motor: Yellow 2.2

      Speedstrip: 6.00 sec

      OEM BULLET ST: Peugeot 206 white 27MHz

      Sometimes it turns the wheels by itself, which makes it kind of hard to race around in a track. This is in my opinion a very good looking chassi, fine details and the rear window doesn?t have a big hole for the antenna like many of the others, just a tiny one enough for the antenna. It?s a quick racer, so I don?t believe it?s a 1.0 motor after all. Motor: Blue 1.0?

      Speedstrip: 2.10 sec

      OEM LIGHT-UP: Peugeot 205? silver 40MHz (the description at Toyeast is Celica!)

      The chassi is fixed to the body by screws, it has ugly wheels (strange dimensions compared to all the others). The included light is a quite crappy LED in the roof, what?s the purpose? The turning is, as in the case of so many of these OEM?s, bad. One nice thing is that it?s a quick motor, but I can?t tell what kind it is. Motor: White

      Speedstrip: 2.03 sec

      OEM TREASURE: Mitsubihi Lancer red 57MHz

      This car uses a “pistol” to steer the car around, just like the NIKKO I-RACER (below). When I first opened the box and held the controller in my hand I thought: OK, another crappy OEM. Compared to the NIKKO controller this one offered an extremely plastic feeling.

      BUT, when all parts had been fixed and the car were tested for the first time I really changed my mind. The range for the controller is some 24-30 ft, the car handles very well and the included motor is a quick, unknown mark. The grip is not one of best I?ve seen, many donuts here! Backside is that it?s only available in this frequency, lame! Motor: Pink

      Speedstrip: 2.36 sec

      NIKKO I-RACER: Subaru Impreza frequency #5

      This car is FAST! It uses another method of steering, two motors at the rear wheels. Upon turning one motor stops which causes the car to turn that way. This method makes it difficult to use the car at a track, since when you steer the car one motor stops, which forces you to accelerate the car to get round the curve. When you release the steering wheel the car suddenly uses both motors which gives…max speed! Not easy, I can tell you. This car doesn?t work at my track, quite impossible to use at the kitchen floor too, all donuts!

      Speedstrip: 1.92 sec

      Conclusion: I?d recommend TOMY?s original cars for fantastic handling. Suggestions are to add a quicker motor and to buy some OEM?s and use the parts, chassis, motors, tires etc. I guess that all the OEM?s steering and handling can be improved by opening up the car for adjustments of the steering parts, but I don?t think that first buyers wants to start with these surgical operations when they first open the box. For all you others, why not!


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