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      The internet is devoid of any solid information on these little guys so recently while i was in singapore i splurged on a transformers bumblebee version while hunting down a masterpeice grimlock to add to the collection.

      The bottom line on these tiny “bipedal” robots is they are sh!t. The “walking” is more akin to geriatric shuffling achieved by pulsing an electro magnet on either side of the “legs”. Steering happens via only one leg twitching.

      The controller allows forward in three speeds of shuffle and left and right. there is no reverse.

      The “a.i” feature or auto mode sends the little robot forward at medium speed and if the 2 infra red proximity sensors “see” a wall (has to be 3cm tall and flat) the robot will steer away from it. it can navigate simple mazes.
      If you initiate the auto mode with the geodesic ball in front of the robot it will “chase” the ball.

      My model consistently pulls to one direction at medium speed, and the fast speed isnt any faster than slow on most surfaces due to the little rubber stoppers not getting enough traction.

      overall a serious waste of $50, a nice taste of simple ai control combined with sensors however its just left me wanting a q-steer that has similar navigation capability to race against on my track.

      no pics for now… you can find plenty of them on tech blogs that jump the gun advertising stuff they have no idea is decent or not.

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