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    Just a thought.

    I love to tinker with stuff, but when it comes to technical stuff, ie soldering pcb’s and other odds and ends to do with electronics, I am about as helpful as a wet towel. I have always meant to get some form of kids soldering starter kit to learn the basics before i fry things.

    Would anyone out there offer there skills / services? That being me, or anyone else like me, sending the parts that need doing, you doing it and sending it back? All at a cost or in return for a favour or parts etc?

    I know time is precious but I dont like going down to my local hobby store because they didnt even know what a mini z was.


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    not trying to advertise.. but gigspeed should be able to do it for you 🙂
    are you in melbourne?

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    Unfortunately im at least 12 hours from melbourne whtang otherwise you woulda seen my by now.

    I would however pay postage etc.

    Will let you know once i get my parts etc

    Thanks mate

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