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      I’ve just found a very interesting mini infared controlled car. But I’ll be right up-front Derek, I can get photos like I did last time, but I can’t get them into my computer – my stupid imac doesn’t have firewire. And I can’t get onto the other G4s here at work while they’re being used – so for now you’ll just have to go by my descriptions.

      Anyway, the car I saw last night is smaller than tincan size, probably closer to Epochs. It has a DIE CAST body! with doors that open etc. It has headlights and reverse lights and get this, it makes engine sounds and screeching tire noises! It’s bizzare. The most interesting bit is that it’s controlled by a chunky digital watch via infa red. It’s full function but not proportional. From the watch you switch the car on – the engine starts up and idles. When you hit forward the headlights come on and when you reverse the rear lights up. It goes reasonably fast considering it’s diecast but you could never race it – it’s just way too heavy.

      It came in a box not a can but I thought it was a very interesting product. It retails for about $30 sing which is pretty close to AUD.

      And while I’m here, has anyone seen the Niko car with the camera built in and a screen on the controller? I’d love to have a go with that! But at $600 it’d have to be pretty damn good!


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