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      Supra pics are up at:

      A very quick 1st impression…

      Dumped a new 3.0 in it and it is crazeeeeee quick :smiley2:… even faster than a Lucifer motor I picked up a few months back for the Celica… but quite a bit of shutter when turning (I will try a 2.6 engine swap later)… faster in reverse than forward… build quality is excellent… body is heavier than previous models… front end has been reinforced to really take “head-ons” well… extra weight causes more hi-speed rollovers… range only about 10 feet :smiley6:… opened the 45MHz controller looking for a Crip Cap… no luck… but the internals are all different than the WRX 45MHz controller :smiley5:… page 2 of my site has some comparison pics… anyone have any ideas?…

      BTW: Stella sent it from HK to SF in 7 days.

      Later, 0-60

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