Swallow charger can’t charge NiMH AAs and AAAs?

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      I’ve got an old Swallow charger that I use for charging my LiPos, but for some reason it does a really crap job of charging single AA and AAA cells (GPs, Energizers, etc). I’ve tried charging them at 0.5C and 1C, cycling them, everything… but they generally only take about 1/3 their capacity.

      If I put my AAs and AAAs in a cheap ‘supermarket’ fast charger, they charge fine. And the Swallow charges my multi cell NiMH packs without any problems at all.

      Could it be my pathetic Jaycar daisy chain (see pic)?
      And if so, what does everyone else use to charge their single AAs/AAAs?


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      i’ve got one of those too, been a while since i did a single cell but from memory it charged them fine.

      maybe try discharging the cell hard like using a light globe then see how it charges. i’ve found the 500ma discharge rate doesn’t really kick the cell into knowing it’s gonna be used if you grt my meaning. :8ball:

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      I just ordered a MH-C9000 🙂

      The only really negative review I could find was on Amazon:

      You must be some BATTERY MEGA-DORK to actually enjoy this…
      If when you were little when asked “who do you want to be when you grow up?”, and you answered “I’d like to charge batteries”, then this charger is for you.

      I wish I could get a tshirt that says BATTERY MEGA-DORK 😀

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      I want one too ! I’ll get one in the new year as I’ve got some batteries that need to be brought back from the dead.

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      Well.. I got mine a couple of days ago…
      And it’s already brought 4 x Energizer 2500mah NiMH AAs back from beyond the grave.
      It did take over 30 hours though 🙂

      It’s an awesome nerdy charger.

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      i occasionally use my Swallow EQ to charge AAs… when i CBF’d taking
      them outta cradle and there’s crocclips already on the EQ

      usually charge them in 2 lots of 4… 1 lot of 8 is doable but can falsepeak easier imho

      if i have loose AAs i’d put them in my Sony 4hr or Sanyo 15min fastchargers
      depending on how soon i need them

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