[SYD] Getting back into mini-z :)

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      Hey guys,

      After being out of the mini-z game for so long, I’m glad to announce I’m getting back into the hobby. Unlike before when I was in high school with little to no cash flow, now I’m 23 with a job and ready play with lil toys 😀

      I already got a used MR-02 from USA. Honda NSX w/ ball diff & alloy motor mount. Too bad I already lost a wheel nut so its out of action.

      Also trying to get some mates into it soon 🙂

      Down the track I’ll invest in some RCP tracks with the help of the Burn City Mini-z peeps who have a connection to import at a reasonable price 😀

      That’s all for now… Hopefully mini-z makes it way back into Sydney!



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      Welcome back ! 😀

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      i might get back into it too.
      hmmm tennis courts look tempting 😛

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      good to here people are keen to run the ‘ol Mini Zs again… got an itchy trigger finger myself! Ice; if we can organise a meet down the track then i can bring my track with me… pretty big, homemade rcp clone… Kev; hey there! long time no hear!!! you too Jimmy…

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