Table top offroad bit

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      This mod was based off Betty K pivoting rear end mod and my own monster truck mod. I also added a swiveling rear end just like my ZZMT hummer. There was a lot of soldering that went into this mod to hold the chassis together, as you can see from the pictures. The body had to be chopped apart in the back to accommodate the mod. I added some louvers and a different rear spoiler to cover the missing end. Then I added some black paint with some orange flames and finished it of with some fine detailing (gas cap, door handle, grill, and side markers).

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      thats extreme… good to see you went through with it all even though you can easily get zzmt over there… hows the custom crawler perform?

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      well that’s how you raise the bar right there folks!:D it must look really cool bouncing around the house!:smiley2::8ball:

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