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      Yup – in Melbourne.

      Tempted even to knock up a track.

      But its pretty hard organising any racing if everyone’s gonna turn up with modded cars… plus most dual-bit cars would barely be controllable enough to go around a track anyway. Might have to put down some standard specifications first… eg single cell, 2.2 motor as a max (although slower might be a benefit).

      Then again there’s the frequency hassles… at the mo we’ve only got 2 – 27 & 40 which is ‘legal’.

      Food for thought.

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      Just as a side note, instead of butchering a coat hanger (when you can use them as antennas), just use those tiny nuts and bolts that you can buy at any electronics shops or hardware stores. No super glue, just drill the holes and bolt ’em in! Looking at Jaycar (yes I know!!!!), you can get a pack of 10 (nylon)for about 3 bucks or for the same price, a pack of 25 for steel bolts, although I’m sure you can find cheaper prices elsewhere.Dunno about washers and nutstho. And I’m sure you would be able to find any number of household items to use as rubber caps, ie. thescrew-on covers off tire inflation valves. Tre’authentic, no?

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