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      Nice to see this website is still up. Lol..

      I found my post from 5 years ago saying I was getting back into Mini-z’s. Well that didn’t get anywhere..

      Now 5 years later just bored checking ebay and looks like there are still Mini-z’s for sale…

      I think Melbourne still has their Mini-z community since I get Facebook posts about it occasionally..

      Anyway! Nice to see this website is still lingering.. Nice job Aaron!

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      Burncity MiniZ in Melbourne is still going strong.. we’ve been meeting at least once a month for the last few years.. just search for “burncity miniz” on facebook and you’ll find us.. we just ran the PNWC 2015 regional race layout on the weekend.. 🙂

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      we’ve been running HFAY events monthly…

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      Very glad to hear there’s still groups “out there” and doing stuff.

      It’s why I’ve brought the forum back so there’s at least some tech stuff still kicking around as the cars get older etc.

      I’ve got a few weeks off over Christmas and may still some batteries in my collection and give them a run – see if the tyres aren’t all flat spotted!

      Site Owner Guy.

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