The foam track got it’s first workout!

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      This article refers to the images located at MicroPix–> Bit Char-G or via the direct link here

      Since building my second track last weekend, I’ve been forced to “play with myself” in the absence of any competitors.Today – all of that changed. Aaron and Cecelia (Seal) dropped by with their cars for a run on the Isotta Foam Raceway!

      An interesting mix of a standard S2000, standard GT-R, modded GT-R and an OEM Mitsubishi Lancer graced the track for the first race. It is a FAST course (too fast for some) and you have to have good control over your vehicle if you want any chanceof cleanly negotiating the bends!

      The nest all-round setup proved to be the S2000 with Micro B 2.2 and 9.86:1 gearing. It offered an excellent balance between acceleration and top-end speed. Only bummer with Seal’s S2000 was its propensity to flip/roll if given even the slightest tap whilst cornering. Strange for a sheel with such a low centre of gravity – but hardly a problem!

      For the folks who haven’t tried racing against an opponent(s) you’re REALLY missing out on thebiggest singlefun element of these cars. I’ve never laughed so hard in all my life. Fantastic wayto kill an hour or more….


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