The "Uber-T"

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    I just thought I’d show you guys the development of my Mini Stunt Truck…the Uber-T. Over the years of owning(and wrecking) this bad boy I’ve come up with some fun modifications to strengthen the chassis from hard landings. I usually drive this at the whistler Skateboard Park so you can imagine the abuse it takes from concrete rythym and quarter pipe sections.

    I’ve built this thing to hopefully survive 30 foot triple backflips…my last stage of evolution could do 20ish doubles so I don’t have much further to go.:beer:

    check it out…reinforcing has been done to the chassis to solidify the front bulkhead section and the front and rear towers have been braced. That and some big shocks and some li-po/bl power and it should fly…

    top deck

    front tower bracing

    rear tower bracing

    steering drag link

    roller built!

    6800kv/28amp 11.1volt li-po all strapping tape ghetto style!

    Thanks for looking…be sure to stop by in the future for the video of it’s triple backflip attempt.

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    Mad rig cowboy, looks like it can take a beating! The MLST2 is also a crazy strong chassis. Something to be said about the whole double deck chassis thing I guess….. 🙂

    would love to see it in action, get that vid going! pronto!


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    thats a bloody gorgeous piece of work

    I have been to flat out with work to even get to any of my little projects

    hopefully this weekend has bad weather to keep me out of the water 🙂

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