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      I know there are a few active minds floating around reading this forum and I thought this little piece of electronics might be of some interest to a few of you who seek world domination through the use of UAV 😀

      The company that makes these boards is Sparkfun and I’ve bought quite a few of their products lately and I am really impressed with their products and service.

      I’ve been using some of their tiny GPS modules for building APRS trackers.
      APRS is a world wide tracking system that is used by ham radio operators, but it has quite a lot of other useful information on it.

      I have been working on an ARPS tracker which uses LIPD modules to keep it ultra tiny. They run on a 3V LiPo and the PIC is a tiny 12F510 with a GPS and LIPD transmitter. It all fits into half the space of a matchbox.

      Sparkfun also sell accelerometers and other useful components which would be very good for determining the speed of an aircraft independent of any external equipment. A simple logger can measure acceleration, log it and then with some simple calculus on the ground, a relative ground speed can then be calculated.

      I don’t log into ausmicro as much these days, so if anybody wants more info, give me a bump via my email

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