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      Ever wondered why your car keys vanish only to appear a few minutes after you were looking for them, in exactly the same place you left them? The answer is aliens. Often they take things of mine for study and return them minutes later. I assume often I do not notice that the items are missing, but sometimes I want an item while the aliens have taken it for study.
      Today I finally caught them on film trying to take my cat.

      Reminds me of ” *Batteries not included. “

      http://community.webshots.com/album/92999857CtGlDi UFO

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      So you let them take it right? (Just kidding)
      Does that ufo have steering control as well, or is it just a hoverer? Looks interesting.
      I see you’ve got a chopper, have you mastered that one as well?
      Just to be king of the kids (in terms of toys) it looks like I am going to have the company of a Sony Aibo ERS-7 from next year, woof woof, cant wait.

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      heheh, I bought a real cat. I’d just think of ways to be cruel to a robot dog. I’ve tortured furbies and I think one day if they every network further than their IR links, I’m going to be in big trouble !
      Billy the big mouth bass looks like my next target.

      The UFO has no steering control, so I wasn’t too keen on getting one, but I thought I’d give it a go, might be good for a few pranks on spooky neighbours. I haven’t stopped laughing since I first flew it. I’m now thinking of more evil things to do with it.
      I’m still supprised nobody has mentioned the combat RC robots that you can get.

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      Oh, yeah, I can fly the RC choppers without too many problems, but they have some electronic problems (cheap chinese circuits) and they have spent more time on the ground than in the air.
      Lots of simulator time saves you money in rotor blades. I’ve only broken one and that is because of a mid air eletronics failure.

      If anybody is thinking about them, don’t buy FEDA
      stuff. Their electronics are so shonky they set a new standard in LOW. Even Satan (my boss) is checking the souls of his feet to see what it was he stepped in !

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      does all that ufo do is hover up and down how high can it go, it would be good if u couls control it

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      It would be awesome if you could control it.
      I flew it last night out on the street about 30ft in the air.
      Like a true gyro, whatever force you put into it comes out at 90 degress. So if there is a wind blowing it doesn’t travel downwind, it moves across it !!

      I’m thinking about you’d build one to move horizontally. I have a rough idea in my head using the earths magnetic field as a reference and just a little counterweight on a solidnoid to kick it at just the right point to move it.

      Despite only being a single channel, I’ve got my money’s worth out of it in laughs so far.
      My cat thinks it’s the best toy yet. She leaped off a table today to try catch it.
      Best part is that it seems to be indestructable.

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