Ultimate Bit Char-G, Phase I complete

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      Hi there folks! Just stopping by to show off a couple of my early Bit projects. Here’s the first, Phase I of the Ultimate Bit Char-G project.

      Mods include, but are not limited to:

      Sculpted, lowered, lightened body
      Lightened chassis
      Lightened wheels (4 spokes now)
      Lightened pinion gear
      Modified wheels (for a better tire contact patch)
      Trued tires
      Unravelled & lightened antenna
      Scuffed motor plate (increased heat dissipation? Nah, just for looks actually :smiley4:)
      Removed front tiebar
      Motor that made me put my 3.8’s in cold storage

      Full details of the project are here:


      This is just Phase I of the project, and Phase II has already begun. It’ll be getting lower, faster, and more unique!

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