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      Warning to all I have been ignored by TOY EAST after several E-Mails they refuse to answer. I know our community is small and we should watch out for each other . That is why I choose to share a copy of the complaint I filed with E-Bay and Pay Pal. I hope no one else has bad luck with these guys.


      The seller was cooperative at first. Very freindly until I asked for a refund because I did not receive item.The seller now refuses to answer my e-mail.The seller claims to have sent me proof that he/she sent item but I have yet to receive that proof.This item was paid for over 29 days ago.I paid for my item with in 24 hr. of closing bid with “BUY IT NOW” feature. The seller claims he waited six days to ship the item “WHY”? I did not wait six days to pay.I was told I must wait till Aug 30 for seller to attempt a trace This could have all been avoided if the seller would just do the right thing The seller has great feed back on E-Bay but when it came to this issue I have been ignored. It is not how you treat people when times are good that counts its how you treat them when things go wrong. Please investigate and see if it possible to get me a refund I would like resolution to this issue and ignoring my e-mails no doubt has escalated the matter for the worst.
      Thank You
      E. Alfaro

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      In all fairness to TOY EAST I sent them one last email informing them of all my actions Again I am not here to drag them threw the gutter or bash them with out properly allowing there side to be heard.Like I stated before we are a small community and we must stick together.


      Due to refusal to answer my E-Mails I have filed the following complaint with E-Bay and Pay Pal. This could have been resolved with out all this mess.I Have posted this complaint on all Bit Charg forums due to your uncooperation in this matter all you had to do was answer my emails

      Copy of answered and unanswered E-Mail follows:

      Item # 1752721612
      I still have not received my item. Please update.

      I have ordered other stuff from other sellers in Asia and received it but your item has yet to arrive.


      I still have not received this item please check to see if it did ship it has been 16 days since you said you shipped the item.

      Auction closed on July 24 with ship date of July 29 to:

      4418 79th st

      Lubbock TX 79424


      How are you?

      I am hoping the car was returned to you by now.

      I still have not received it.

      Please let me know of any news it has been almost a month since I paid formy order.

      The order closed on July 24, you sent it July 29th I hope it has been returned to you by now.

      I hope to hear from you soon.

      Thank You



      This email confirms that you sent an auction payment for $17.70 to
      U color=#800080steve@toyeast.com/U for an auction item.

      View the details of this transaction online at:


      Hello myfriend,

      Ihad send the item to you by Registered Airmailon(29th).The Regn.No.is RR774582877HK.




      Hello, My friend,

      You have won our Ebay Auctions, thanks so much!!! ^_^ Here is the payment details:

      Ebay Auction Details

      WinningAuction Item No(s):

      Ending Price= $10.90

      Total Shipping= $6.80

      Final Total= 17.70

      Paypal is fast and great.

      ALL the Payment Please send to:


      FLAT E, 8/F,BLOCK 20,

      KWUN TONG,



      Additional Information

      A. Change Shipping Method

      – Your parcel will be sent by Registered Air Mail

      – If you want to change, please email to us

      B. Combined Auction or Order

      – If you won multi-auction from us, and we haven’t noticefy, please email to us

      – If you orderedat U face=Arial color=#0000ff http://www.toyeast.com/U,please email to us, we will quote a discounted combined shipping cost for you.

      C. Contact

      – Feel free to contact me by email, phone

      – Email: face=Arial color=#800080 Usteve@toyeast.com/U

      – Phone: (852) 27276693

      D. Follow up

      – If the parcel haven’t arrive, or demaged.

      – Please report to us to follow up



      The following eBay item was purchased instantly using Buy It Now.

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      Resolution,…Conclusion it is safe to by with PAYPAL! I filed a complaint with them on TOYEAST, who would not email me back at the first sign of trouble I might add. But once I got PAY PAL involved they did the right thing. I am happy but saddened because I will never order from them again and they have lots a kool stuff. Just a thought its kinda funny how their email works now since paypal got into this thing ….see explaination at bottom as to why they IGNORED the issue. And they still did’nt say why they waited 6 days to ship on an item i paid on the spot. And who the heck would call Asia for a $17.90 item the phone call would would not be cost effective to say the least.

      NG HOI CHUN (U color=#800080steve@toyeast.com/U) has refunded your payment.

      Note from Seller: Leaving negative feedback is the worse method to solve problem, although our email system infected by virus, but we provided different channels for you to contact us like phone no at ebay and our shop. We have sent the parcel, if you don’t believe us, you should trust our ebay 1400+ positive feedbacks. And if we running cheating business, we would not choose such a small amount of order.

      The details of your original payment are below:

      Dear Eric Alfaro,

      PayPal has concluded our investigation of your Buyer Complaint.

      Complaint Details

      Case Number: PP-001-848-396
      Seller’s Name: NG HOI CHUN
      Seller’s Email: U color=#800080steve@toyeast.com/U

      The seller has provided you a refund via PayPal in the amount
      of $17.70.

      Any portion of your original payment that was funded with your credit
      card has been refunded directly to that credit card. The credit to your
      credit card should take 2-3 business days to post, and may not
      immediately reflected in your card balance.

      Complaint Resolution Department

      Please do not reply to this e-mail. Mail sent to this address
      cannot be answered. For assistance, log in to your PayPal
      account and choose the “Help” link in the footer of any page.

      Payment Details

      Date Payment Sent: Jul 25, 2002
      Amount: $17.70
      Thank you for using PayPal!

      The PayPal Team

      Please do not reply to this e-mail. Mail sent to this address
      cannot be answered. For assistance, log in to your PayPal
      account and choose the “Help” link in the footer of any page.

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      One more follow up today I received the invoice from TOY EAST scribbled on a hand written ledger how was I suppose to use this to recover my lost package? i could have made thison my 6yr olds 2nd grade “Big Chief Tablet” and multi sized pencil. I however do not doubt they sent it just because they have good feedback but” Sister Please “. This is the year 2002 if your going to run a show at least get a tent.

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      “This is the year 2002 if your going to run a show at least get a tent”

      LMFAO dude that’s great. All my crap from toyeast made it to FL fine, but that’s not the point. They should understand that if a person has a good experience they tell maybe 3-5 people, but if somebody has a bad one they tell everybody about it…. Simple business!!

      good lookin out paintwiper

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