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      Hello and I’m very happy to see the Ausmicro.com Forums back online! I have always liked the content on here and I will be checking here and posting here from time to time with some new Mini-Z content as I’m a fairly-hardcore Mini-Z guy from the USA..

      If anyone ever wants to chat about Mini-Z’s I’m always looking to talk about these miniature cars! 🙂

      I hope the *new* Ausmicro will be a success just as the old Ausmicro, and thanks again to the creator(s) for bringing life back to the forum. Best off luck and i hope to see more posts soon!

      Best Regards,
      Lawrence aka Felix2010

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      My pleasure to bring it back.

      I’m hoping the simplicity the conversion of forum code will translate to a more stable site 🙂

      It will take a while for people to find us and things to pick up again.

      But if I didn’t try if be letting over 10 years of history be forgotten!

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