What’s with 4 CHANNEL CTR logo?

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      Spinoff from another thread…

      Little round logo less than 1″ sq, with a big ‘4’ in it.

      Confirm this little logo appears on the box of G23 Skyline History (35Mhz, standard) and G24 New Zed (57Mhz Booster) BCGs; I think also G25 Automodellista (27Mhz Booster) has it.

      All these cars are *single* channel only, cannot be changed.

      So… does the logo only stand for “can be used with option 4 ch controller”??

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      I think you’re right PandaBear. I’ve got a couple of normal Bit’s and they have the little sticker on them also. I think it’s on most of the Japanese ones that have been manufactured recently.

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      yeah all the bits i got from japan have the sicker on them and the last bit i got from a site in the uk dident

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