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      Hi im in nsw where can i buy motors and suspension and tyres for the char-g cars?
      i got a fitracer a rip off of char-g but i got 2 nimh bateries and did the 2.4v mod goes good but it only has a 1.0 motor still goes like a 20b though.
      what other mods can i do? i mad a longer arial on the car goes about 2.5 metres ferther.

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      Welcome jc. You have alot to learn and alot of enjoyment in front of you. The past conversations here and at the previous site will be a help to answer many of your questions. Take the time and have a read. bit_charg_oz@hotmail.com sell a whole heap of stuff for BCGs and they are based in Oz too. Email them for a price list

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      or try http://www.tradingdirect.com.au they sort of support the board
      Or just buy a kit for a quick 2.6 in your hands

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      yep bit_charg_oz@hotmail.com can help you with all your BCG cars and accessories

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