Whistler Micro-RC club!

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      I just thought I’d show you guys what’s going on in Whistler B.C. Canada. I know from experience that some of you younger Aussies make the trip to “work” (the loosest definition of the word) here for the winter so if anyone happens through you should come check us out.

      We have at the moment six oval RCP tracks that we combine into a nice technical layout. In the very near future we will be getting some RCP blank tiles and some inside radius turns to widen the track and make the flow a bit faster.

      This is our current layout:


      The current stock class lap record is 10.22 seconds and the current mod lap record is a 9.55 second. Those times will get crushed once the new tiles come in….

      Four loaner cars/timing system and good battery station makes for fun all day long and the sun makes for a super grippy track with pretty much the hardest tires you can buy.:D

      hope to here from you guys if you’re ever travelling through.;)

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