Who’s got a Nur, Voltz, etc

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      Hi Everyone,

      Just wondering who has a Nur, Voltz or X-Box WRX. These appear to be the rarest and most desirable Bit’s. If so, how did you get it and how much did it cost?

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      How many Voltz were there produced?? Was it 500 or 5000. For that matter does anybody know the amounts of some of the others….Nur, Xbox, Calsonic Skyline (30,000??), Disney, Milk Mag Toyota ??

      How many of the current ‘Limited Edition’ Skyline GT-Rs are being produced? There seems to be alot around for a limited edition.

      Where did the Milk Magazine car come from anyway…What the hell is Milk Magazine??

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      there are 500 votlz’s, 300 Xbox WRX’s, 1000 GTR NURS, and about 250,000 MIlk BB’s. and i believe there are 250,000 of each SE GTR, i.e loctite, Pennzoil etc.

      i am just about to get a calsonic shell off a member on tiny-rc but i am looking for a NUR and i hope i get one soon enuf

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