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      Hey i was wondering if anyone had a picture or could take one and then upload it or explain it all to me of the wiring for the bit charg. Iam trying to solder back the 3 wires that came off of the solder. Left, right, and one more that i don’t know of so if anyone has a picture i can look off of, i could solder it back. Please that would be greatly appreciated. I also would like to know if anyone knows what the V+ is on the board. the

      f = front

      b = back

      l = left and

      r = right

      but i don’t know what the V+ is. Thanks, Dave

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      Hi Dave!

      I’ve JUST finished photographing the board and adding some labels to the images. Check out this new galleryand let me know if it helps.

      WARNING: People on dial-up connections should note that the first image is *BIG* at 474KB in size

      Oh…. to actually answer your question…. V+ is the red wire from the battery.



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      to complete the wiring informations, I’d like to add that together

      with the red (V+) wire, in the same spot are also soldered the

      “other” single wires coming from both the steering magnets. The wires

      can be distinguished from the ones going to the L and R pad because

      they’re “stained” with white paint.

      All the “tiny wires” are very difficult to solder: you may find that

      even if the wire is firmly soldered, it apparently does not make

      contact: this is because they’re painted with an almost invisible

      insulating coat, that you may need to scrape off…

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