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      This may be a stupid question, but i was wondering if zipzap parts can be used on a bit char-g, they seem to have same looking parts (gears, tires, suspension and motor) and i really am interest in that Fast and furious supra… so if bodys can fit on, id prob buy some.

      Thanks for any help

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      i got all the fast and fer. cars but no the zip zaps are about a 1/4 inch longer but the tires eng. suspen bars and rims all fite hell even the front cover fit the only parts that dont fit are the pc cover and the bodys. why i think zip zaps are betterareyou can fit 3 batts on the inside of a zip zap and 2 on top of the pc bordd under the body. there a lil bigger and you have more controle. the controle feels way better in your hand than a bit controle. but i have 2 of every body for the fast and fer. so if you want 1 hit me up i really dont like the supra much i like the eclipse and civic but the rx7’s ok and the wings will fit on the ce. and rx7 bits with out mod and they look really good on them but with testers model fill fill up the stock wing holes on the lancer skyline ect. and drill new holes and they look way beter than stock. i made my lancer a convert. and used the rep. of the apc street metal wing and i love the way it looks.has a nice aggresive look bevouse of the hood and wing but has alot lees weight with out the top and it looks a lil longer since i choped the top off

      but if you really want that body on your bit swap chassys everything just drops in with out mod then you your fast and fer. and its still a bit. the best of bolth worlds.

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