Forums Recovered! Forums are back online!

Its far from perfect but the content of the forum up to May 2012 has been recovered!

  1. Why May 2012? I chose this date becuase it was the last completely clean backup of the Forum I have.  This was made after the last restoration and the removal of spammers etc.  While a few posts were added during 2012 & 2013 many were destroyed by the last hack.
  2. This isn’t vBulletin No, it’s not.  vBulletin was a great forum code and kept running well for years BUT it was also a nightmare.  vBulletin was expensive, prone to being hacked every week and required many hours of maintenance.  This “new” setup is zero cost for the base code, has a lot of single-click update/patch functionality and is a lot leaner.
  3. So what did we lose? A lot.  BBPress (this new forum) couldn’t import things like Private Messages, Attachments or Avatars etc.  I still have the old attachment files and there may be a way of re-inserting them in here somehow – but I’ll have to work something out.  
  4. What next? Honestly I don’t know.  I wanted to bring the forums back – I’ve always said I’d do my best to keep things online.  I also know that spending 3-4 days of constant coding effort every couple of months to keep vBulletin working was not possible.  I contrast I run a few WordPress based sites and spend about an hour a week clicking the “update” button for patches and stuff.


Recovering your User ID

I’ve imported and created everyones user ID as they had it in the old Forum.  This new one is a lot “simpler”, but you’ll still need to update your Profile and Password to get in.

To do this just look for a Login Page and then try the “Lost Password” trick.  It requires your e-mail address to send a password too, so if you’ve changed that you’ll need to send me a message.