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      Wouldn?t it be great to see a battle bots style competition here in Australia. I would love to build and battle one.

      I think that one of the Aust TV stations should have a similar show. What do you guys think?

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      that would be pretty cool to watch. be quite expensive to keep upgrading them though

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      the cheap ones just get smashed to peices in seconds! i watched a fight on austar today and one contenders weapon was a chunk of wood on a stick! what a looser! I totally agree shypo titanium alloy and Rock saws are very expesive.:evil:

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      shypo re: bit wars….
      we came up with a flame thrower and and magnetic weapons/deflectors in the time before the crash. any new ideas?

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      OK, please don’t be offended but…………….

      Are you guys serious???????

      I have seen a couple of these shows and er……

      Oh well, to each his own, and everyone likes different things, that’s why we have variety in life……..

      Good luck fella’s, and remember, and battle bot bits will need to have a new flashy decal to complete the new image


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      i’ll make a destroyer

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