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      hello all,

      I just clicked on the control panel and found some strange items why is there a gold item of which I apparently have 100??:shock:

      I also have 50 reputation points???:D

      are people refering me?? or does those number just depend on how many posts in total I have made?

      I’m in a real clicky mood today I have just figured out how it insert a quote dddddaahhhhh I’m a bit slow :p

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      Gold and Rep points are two unused features of the Forum code we don’t use. Loosely the Rep points build up as you post more and participate more and the Gold goes up as you do stuff as well. Neither serves any use in our implementation – and I’m probably going to remove it completely in the next round of updates.


      Site Owner Guy.

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      curiosity killed

      thanks :smiley2:

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      the refering thing is if you refer someone to ausmicro. there is a URL to send to people and if they join up it says referals: 1

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      lol i used to love my rep points… I had 2000 or more. GT-ahh and DaveF were the gold pirates:p

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