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      Hello all, any body know how to change the frequency for Controller from 57 MHz to 35 MHz? Thanks

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      You need to open it up and change the quartz frequency thingy in there. You can get a different frequency at an electronics shop. The thing you want to replace looks like a silver squashed capacitor and should have “57mhz” written on it.

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      Thanks mate, I will try.

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      Its called a ‘crystal’

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      This topic has come up a few times before. I believe the result was you can’t just change your frequency, theirs more involved such as changing the circuit and its not really worth it.

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      There’s more to changing frequency than just swapping xtals. There’s 2 or 3 different components on the TX board that differs according to freq too.

      What are you changing freq for anyway?

      There’s no easy way of changing the *car’s* freq that we know of… so unless you want your TX to work on another car of different freq, why do it.

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      Guys, the frequency of the Transmitter CAN be changed by changing over the crystal with another one. BUT you must tweak the coil on the receiver unit in your Bit to match the new frequency of the transmitter.

      The main issue is:

      – you can only choose a frequency “close” to the original. EG: 35MHz -> 30MHz. Why? Because the inductor coil on the reciever board can only “tune” the frequency so much. Choosing a new frequency that is futher from the original would require you to replace the coil on the receiver with a higher inductance one.

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      Yes, its been discussed before that you can easily tweak the car to within +/- 3Mhz with the variable inductor pot-thingy.

      But why bother?

      A car on 35Mhz will still pickup signals from anything within ‘inductor’ (my terminology) range, so you can’t run cars at 30 *and* 35 at same time.

      That’s why Tomy had to use 27/35/45/57.

      Also I suspect the inductor coil is the same unit across different freq cars, just the static parts leading up to it have different values.

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      Panda maybe u know, how come BCG inteferes when they are lets say 45 and 49mhz(microsizer) but a Z is within like point 0.145 of a mhz and they dont intefere

      whats up with that??????

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      yeh very good point there shypo, the mini z freq are very close together but iv had no interferance with anything else, or my friends Z ?

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