how should i use these zipzap hubs?

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      hey whats goin on? ive got 4 microsizers, 6 bodies for them. today i picked up the zipzap tire & hubcap accessory package. its got 3 sets of tires that are a little bit narrower than the back tires on my microsizers. i put the tires on my back axle of the microsizer, with a little bit of stretching they fit right on, just a little bit narrower than standard back axle tires. im sure they’ll fit better on the front wheels of the microsizer.

      the question is though: what should i do with the 3 sets of same sized hubcaps that came in the zipzap pack. i want to use them for spare wheels, or maybe put one of my microsizers on a set of 4 zipzap hubcaps, does anyone have any suggestions on how to do this? has anyone tried this? does anyone have any suggestions for better replacement wheels? thanks:question:

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      you might have to convert the zipzap wheels to fit bit axles…check out
      In australia we dont have zipzaps so noone really knows much about them…
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      u can straight fit the front knuckles to a BCG and the rear rims are a shortening of the axle away.

      makes your car look very cool but some of the shells u use will hav to hav sum modification done becos otherwise the get caught on the gaurds.

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