Motor and gear identification

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      my Shen have 2 type of motor a yellow and an orange bottom… what are the id of this motor ? yellow seems to sport more torque than orange.
      They have different gears too a pink and a white sets… any id here ? pinions have 7 and 6 tooths and I can’t mix white and pink pinions / gears because of dimension.
      Any help ?

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      ok this is a very hard thing to solve as we cant c what they look like but i’ll do my best.
      1. the yellow motors i have been told are about the quivalent of a 2.8 or higher. the orange capped motors are supposedly 2.2-2.4
      now for the gearing, i am guesing the 7 tooth pinion mixes with the lowest gear ratio probably the equivalent of a bit racer gear. if you could post pics then i will be able to help alot more

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      yeh its very hard to tell with all the different clones out there …

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      If they are char g, the yellow one is 2.2 and the orange is 2.6. But that doesn’t sound right if the yellow one has higher torque. Not sure!

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      that sounds right….more torque = less the 3.0 motor has bugger all torque but has a higher rpm.
      the 1.6 has the most torque out of all the tomy motors i think
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