My first tabletop circuit

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      greetings from Italy !

      I used my week end spare time to build my first Bit Char circuit. It is 2,55 meters per 1,30 meters with a framed cheap “truciolare” wood (IIRC particle board in english) and I used rope to make barrier since I had no idea about circuit design… with rope I can change it until I find a good layout and then I’ll mount barrier, paint concrete and grass areas and so on!!
      What do you think about ? The board is not as slippery I supposed so I will not paint it with latex based paint.


      p.s. I called it Kitchen Motor Speedway !!!

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      You need to host the picture on the web, then add a link to he image in the forum. The temporary rope idea ounds like a good plan though.

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      find yourself some carpet edging or some AFX gaurd rails, very easy to apply and looks authentic

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      Don’t feel bad about the picture not showing up. I have’nt had any luck posting pics either.

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