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      so im walking around my local hobby store, and i see these cars that are a total copy of a BCG. i get home, and open it up, and wow, after i ran it i found out the motor was a nice no-name brand 3.8 and the steering was amazing. It had so much torque and the accel was fantastic, i was very amazed. ALL THIS FOR $7.99, it was on-sale. What a deal! its pretty too!:D

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      I hate how this constantly happens to guys in the US. No offence Smurf. Where are the great cheap finds in Aus?

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      Australia has no cheap finds cos we hardly get anything. There are those cheap funny squashed looking cars at toyworld, well they’re cheaper than compact char g’s anyway. They’re the ones that come in a plastic dome looking package.

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      i have seen clones for $12 AU, they were crap… lol

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      LOL a local hobbyshop is selling bullet clones for $50…….

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      whatta rippoff, there is no way that shop needs to sell them at that price, they are criminals!!!

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