Sharper Image clones!

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      Wow…check out these babies:

      Apparently, the chassis matches up perfectly with Import Tuner bodies, but who needs them when you get a Hummer H2 and Chevy SSR?!

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      will they send to oz?

      that chevy is beaut.

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      I saw those about a month ago and thought about geting them. I m not a pickup fan but I am an Off-Road fanatic. Love the Hummer. I just got a simular one from DrFaulken last week and it’s a blast. These seem to have a much longer wheel base than a standard Bit, interesting! I may get them, give my son the pickup and have 2- Hummers to run on the bed…….


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      that chevy is pretty sweet. i think the fact that they match up to import tuners makes them even better, we could hav sum very very very nice conversion coming up soon

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      u could fit at least 3 cells in the back of the pickup and disguise it as cargo! that would power a tuner shell for shure

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      The small print says a 2 minute charge for a 5 minute joy ride. I suppose BCGs say a 45 sec charge for a 2 min run, and we all know they get 5-10 mins out of that charge.

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      they would look nice as bit bodies, anyone gonna get one and cut the back door out and itd almost fit on a bit, thatd look awesome

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