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      It has come to my attention that aaron spends large amounts of time and money to keep this forum running. I think the least we can do is post a message in this topic to show how much we really appreciate it. And those starting small businesses through this forum, Aaron expects 25% of all profits 👿

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      Aaron, you are the guy!
      THANK YOU for all the time and effort you?re putting into this. I know myself how much time these things crave, and I?d really like to say how much I appreciate it.
      If you need any help in the future and I am capable of assisting you, count me in:smiley2:


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      *laughs* as much as I appreciate the sentiment on the profits it’s not a policy. Rather – if you have a business and would like to promote it please buy some banner advertising. It’s cheap, very cheap!

      There’s plenty more people besides me who deserve the thanks, Derek ofcourse for his efforts and support (although we don’t see him much today he’s still a big part of without him we’d only be half the site we are now!

      Thanks also have to go to our Moderators, Shypo, Pandabear, KittyKatSmack who take a lot of the load off my shoulders. Their efforts have just made the community stick together.

      Steve at Trading Direct who some 6 months ago now stepped up with a very generous support package that has made it possible to stay up and running. Everyone shoudl take the time to suport Trading Direct as they have really made a difference to the site you see today.

      And finally it’s you, the members that make the entire site work. Without the hundreds of you checking the forums and the site each day, spreading the word through other forums and the like we would simply not have achieved these dizzy heights!

      So in short thanks for the thanks but don’t forget to pat yourselves on the back!

      Oh and if you’re in Sydney or can get to Sydney for the First Trading Direct Bit and Mini-Z Race Meet in June DO IT!

      Moderator, Admin, and all that 🙂

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      well lets thank all those people too! but i have a suspicion that Aaron is still the main character behind all of this 🙂

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      Again, thanks Aaron et al:) I echo Trackmaster’s statement as well.

      Impreza :smiley16:

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      Yeah aaron if my business actually begins to work, ill pay for advertising.

      If life is a waste of time, and time is a waste of life, then let’s get wasted and have the time of our lives!!

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      3 cheers for Aaron…
      Hip Hip, Hurray Hip Hip, Hurray Hip Hip, Hurray

      Aaron its all you, keep up the good work. If i ever have anything to sell, ill make a banner and pay for it, but till then. GO AUSMICRO.COM!!!:D

      you are currently at:

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      yeah thank for the time effort and money lol

      well at least he got descent hosting
      althoght i still wish that ausmicro started a online store insted of joining trading direct coz they has some low low prices

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      race meet in june!!!! where!???? i’ll show my support INDEED!!! thanx Aaron!!!! you started my art up again, and made me feel like a geek, and a kid again!!!! thankyou!!!

      i would never have tried to understand cars and racing in anyway before the little bits caught my attention, and that wouldn’t have happened without ausmicro and trading direct (and jnh toys australia)
      so now the z-team has to scratch up some sponsorship for the race day!!! what fun!!!

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      Aaron your a genius 😀

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      Nice work Aaron.. You carried the team:D

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      Hmm… good point z-beam. you got me thinking on an idea. If only ausmicro had car decals. Aaron you could hand out (sponsorship…decals) to class winners in your races in June. I bet that would draw a crowd. I know that DaveF was working on them, but not sure if that went thru? It would be kind of cool. Again, the harder something is to get, the more ppl will want it:shock:… then again a shirt would prob work as well;)

      Impreza :smiley16:

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      yeah i would proudly stick an ausmicro sticker on one of my cars.

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      Me too!!! Great work Aaron

      jord :approve:

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      others B2.2’s but standard.


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      and may i add my cheers to Aaron and co. for a top notch site!!:D

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